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Add to Menus provides a quick link in your WordPress Admin Bar to quickly add a menu item link for the post/page/custom post type/categories that you are viewing.

So you need to create a new post and a link in your menu to that post?

This normally takes a lot of steps; creating the post, going back to the menu manager, creating a menu there, selecting the correct post, etc, etc.

With Add to Menus this is done easily and quickly:
Simply create the post/page/custom post type/categories and save it first. Now, a new menu will be there on the admin bar, you can click on ‘Add to Menus’. Select the menu you want to link to and voila! You are done.


  • Add items from edit page to menus.
  • Hide custom menu items based on user roles.
  • Supports Woocommerce Products.
  • Supports WPML menus


1. I don’t see the Add to Menus link

=> With most of the pages you will have to save it before you can see the Add to Menus link in the admin bar.

2. I don’t see the Parent Menu

=> First create a menu.
i. Go To Appearances > Menus
ii. Click on create a new menu
iii. Click on create menu

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