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Bot auto sale for woocommerce. Super easy way to helps you create your Messenger Bot in 5 minutes. No much coding skill is required but still have powerful API. You can also extends our package to bring your awesome features to your bot.

Note: Our App is waiting to Facebook approve

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  • Send Rich Media: Not only plain text, you can tell bot send Image, Audio, Video, File, Products,, … to people.
  • 20+ smart Shortcodes: Hi first_name to people and let the bot says. ex: , Hi Jimmy automatically..
  • User Purchased: Show list used bot purchased products
  • Support: woocommerce, posts, page, categores,..
  • Marketing: Save users and send message to users
  • Languages: Support all languages
  • 24/7 auto chat and supports
  • Auto sale 24/7 with Woo
  • Send notification all uers


You can setup answer when your customers ask questions. For example:
– When client typing “Hello”
– Bot say: Hello last_name, Can I help you?
– Client: I want to view best selling products?
– Bot : show list best slling products
– Client : I want search search products happy
– Bot: show list products happy
– Client: I want list categories
– Bot: showw list categories


You need SSL to set up the bot. It’s required by Facebook.


05/09/2016: (version 1.0)

- Version 1.0 Initial Release

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