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Charts for Visual Composer, drag and drop WordPress page builder


This add-ons gains creating charts ability to WordPress’ best page builder Visual Composer. It supports 6 different chart types with lots of customization options. (Line charts, bar charts, radar charts, Pie & Doughnut Charts, polar area charts)

Advantages of this add-on

  1. No need for jQuery – don’t call this big boy for just one chart
  2. Responsive – works great with all devices
  3. Compatible with Visual Composer’s grid systems and layouts.
  4. Uses HTML 5 <canvas>
  5. – we follow fashion, and yes it’s supported by all major browsers. ?

Line Chart

It’s a way of showing numeric datas on a curved line like:

You can play with options of chart and customize design and structure.

Bar Charts

Shows datas as bars. Easy to compare 2 different data sets.

Radar Charts

This chart type is best for showing and comparing 2 data sets’ different properties.

Pie & Doughnut Charts

All chart types supports Visual Composer’s column system.

Polar Area Charts

All charts have tooltips.

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