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A wordpress plugin that will allow you to manage submission created with “Contact Form 7” plugin. Never lose track of your visitors requests!

Boostrap responsive design
Collect all the CF7 forms submission even if email fails
100% AJAX – Super fast
Use own tables so your WP content will be clean
Intuitive Modern Interface
Edit function: change all values of submissions
Keep track of the changed values with author and date
Event Log to keep history of modifications of data
Show / Hide fields (columns and edit)
Rename fields (columns and edit)
Export data in 5 formats (copy, CSV, Excel, PDF, print)
Manage status for each entry until requests are Completed

This plugin requires “Contact Form 7”, a very popular freeware plugin that you can install from this page:


Main page

Entry View and Fields values editing

Request Status Change

Values and Status change log

Form Settings (specific to a single CF7 form)

Form Columns settings

General Settings

System Log (for debug/support)

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