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ARKFIELD is an elegant WordPress theme conceived for people who enjoy spreading around the world their work. The only thing that matters is the passion for what you love mostwhether you are a traveler, Fotograf, designer or architect.

When developing ARKFIELD, our main purpose was to create an easy-to-use theme even for those who experience WordPress for the first time. We carefully crafted each feature of the theme in order to get the perfect result for your portfolio showcase.

ARKFIELD excels in the matter of content management, that’s why we developed, especially for you, one single templateflexible and dynamicthat will help you to customize all the pages you needfrom Home to Contact Pageswith no headache. Dann, we found the right tool for you to organize your project galleries with the new Custom Post Type – Projektewhere you will insert your portfolio items.

The shortcodes and the Theme Options relies on the simple principleless clicking, more makingand ARKFIELD loves helping you to embellish your content as quickly as possible: elegante Typografie, easy-to-follow grid layout, fancy buttons andnot at last – flüssigen Animationen.

Arkfield theme is also ready for new technologies, so you will need to run up PHP 5.3 or higher in order to explore its features.

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