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Bewear Fashion Lookbook WooCommerce Theme

From the makers of Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce theme und MediaCenter Electronics Store WooCommerce theme, a lookbook focussed theme to help your customers view your products as a collection. Präsentieren Bewear, a Lookbook style WooCommerce theme.

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Bewear Lookbook WooCommerce theme is a clean and modern Fashion theme which allows designers, fashion-bloggers to showcase various products under various collections. This allows your customers to see the overall style of the outfits or get an idea about the latest fashion.

Bewear is built on top of Underscores framework built by the same company that built WordPress and the same framework used in the most popular WordPress themes. The code is lean and extensible with various actions and filters allowing developers to add functionality via child themes and/or custom plugins.

The theme is integrated with various plugins and extensions like King Composer, Visual Composer, Schieberegler-Revolution, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist and YITH WooCompare.

Premium Plugins included with the Theme

  • Schieberegler-Revolution – to display your content as beautiful sliders.
  • Visuelle Attribute – convert your boring dropdown product attributes into images and color product attributes

Premium Plugins suppported but not included with the theme

Trial & Dummy-Daten

If you’d like to try out the theme before purchasing, please email our support and we’ll setup a trial website for you.

Also a word about the Dummy Data. Once you import the dummy data provided with the download package, you will get a website similar to this :

This is with placeholders and default WooCommerce products. If you are looking for dummy data similar to demo, please email our support and we’ll provide you with our dummy data.

Please note that the demo has lot of images and it would take sometime to import all images. You need to have higher PHP execution time. However you can simply skip the images if you don’t want images. If your importer stops in the middle it is more like due to execution time out. In that case you will simply have to re-import it again ( don’t worry it will not duplicate ).

Bewear Extensions

To take your stores to the next level we have bundled this theme with the Bewear Extensions plugin which provides advanced features like :

  • Youtube like Page Loader
  • Lookbook Custom Post Type
  • Megamenu Dropdown
  • Lookbook Carousel
  • Marken & Brands Carousel
  • Ausgewählte Listen
  • Newsletter
  • Numbered Products
  • Produkt-Tabs
  • Gekachelte Galerien

Bewear Documentation

You can view the Bewear Documentation here : http://transvelo.github.io/docs/bewear/.

You can also view our video tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlles7KU1U0

Bewear Help & Unterstützung

Im Allgemeinen ist der Kommentarteil reserviert für Pre-sales Fragen und Fragen, die nicht viel technische Hilfe erforderlich ist. Für bessere Reaktion und Management Support-Anfragen, Wir haben unser Portal unter http://transvelo.freshdesk.com. Sie können einfach eine neue Supportanfrage erstellen, per e-Mail an Support@transvelo.freshdesk.com

Bitte beachten Sie, das der Kommentarteil und Unterstützung per e-Mail sind unsere einzige Supportkanäle. Bitte verwenden Sie nicht Envato Formular für Support-Anfragen senden.

Bewear Features

Allgemeine Features

  • Einfache Installation und Setup
  • Kostenlose Updates und eins zu eins-Unterstützung
  • Kommt mit importierbare dummy-Daten
  • Gebaut auf Bootstrap 3
  • Cross-Browser kompatibel (Chrom/Firefox/IE)
  • Gebaut mit SASS – Alle SASS-Dateien enthalten
  • 2 Verschiedene Arten von Homepages
  • Reagieren Megamenu
  • Unterstützt verschiedene Post-Formate und Post-thumbnails Feature.
  • YouTube wie Seite Lader

WooCommerce Funktionen

  • Katalogmodus verfügbar.
  • Wunschliste und Vergleichen Von YITH
  • Produkte-Karussell


Startseite & Statische Seiten
Einzelnen Produktseiten
WooCommerce Seiten


05-Oct-2016 – v1

No Update Now

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