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Digital Create Plugin for WordPress

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Digital Create WordPress plugin is a 100% front-end WordPress page builder that allows you to simply design impressive and dynamic pages, Regler, video backgrounds and many more stunning elements for your webpages.

The plugin offers a visual builder which provides simpler, besser, faster way of creating visually stunning web pages.

You will see all of your work as you design and move elements around the canvas, changing the look and feel with the touch of a button.

With these design tools and features, you can quickly and easily create exceptional experiences for your users.


Digital Create Plugin for WordPress

  • Overlay text and graphics on top of video
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Video web page backgrounds


Es gibt 200+ web fonts to choose from.

Digital Create Plugin for WordPress


A bunch of cool, Spaß, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your designs. Great for emphasis, Homepages, Regler, and general just add awesomeness.

Digital Create Plugin for WordPress

Design Sliders

Digital Create Plugin for WordPress

Content Sliders or simply sliders as we call them, have become an almost integral part of web designing. Create slick and professional sliders for WordPress.


  • Chrome unterstützt, Firefox, Safari, Opera und IE
  • IE9 und bis
  • Mobile Browser-Unterstützung

Große Unterstützung

  • Schnelle Hilfe Wende
  • Help guides
  • Kostenlose Updates auf Lebenszeit

And many more features, Besuchen Sie digitalcreate.website für weitere Informationen.

WordPress Themes und Plugins kostenlos:

  • WYSIWYG temas
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