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Dossier is a minimalistic, Reinigen & beautiful Portfolio WordPress theme with multiple versions and slider types. Its fresh sections and unmatched typography make it ideal for any Photography and creative agency as well as most online businesses with great products. Its creative portfolio section has been especially designed keeping in mind the state of mind of creative agencies and their need to come off as exceptionally creative while maintaining an air of professionalism in the whole experience. Dossier is as simple and striking as it gets.

The flawless use of whitespace makes sure each and every element of the website gets noticed and the theme stays simple and true to its cause. The theme radiates a sense of calm, making your users feel at home and encouraging them to spend more time with your website browsing through your stunning portfolio which it presents in the best way imaginable every step of the way with its sleek styling and silent grandeur that is reflected in its look and feel. Take a look inside and see for yourself!

1) Visual composer. 2) Multiple versions. 3) Demo-Installation mit einem Klick. 4) Drag & drop Seite-Generator. 5) Einklang. 6) Bedienungsfreundliche Kurznummern. 7) Cross-Browserkompatibilität. 8. Mehreren Blog und portfolio. 9) Gut dokumentiert. 10) Kind Thema enthalten.

Die Bilder sind nur für den Zweck der Vorschau und sind nicht im Download-Paket enthalten.

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