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Multiple Products Add To Cart in WooCommerce

Multiple Products Add To Cart in WooCommerce

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Die “Easy Customer & Bestellung-Export” WooCommerce plugin allows a store admin to easily export customer and order information in the form of a CSV file. The CSV export file for orders can be generated on the basis of order status, Zeitintervalle, starting & ending date, limiting the maximum number of order records and offsetting records to skip the numbers of records. The plugin also allows exporting of a CSV file on the basis of customers. It also provides with an ability of CSV format setting and automated export settings. It is easy to schedule the automatic CSV export via custom intervals to specific email addresses with an email subject. This automatic scheduling of order or customer CSV helps store admin to avoid manual exporting of orders or customer records.


1. Einfache Installation und detaillierte Dokumentation

2. Export customers directly to see your customer details.

3. Export orders and its details

4. Easy manage and CSV generation from admin

5. Einklang und 100% anpassbare

Andere wichtigen Funktionen

1. Awesome nach Vertriebsunterstützung

2. Wir wollen die Antwort auf jede Anfrage innerhalb von 6 Stunden mit Ausnahme der Wochenenden

3. Voll skalierbare und anpassbare

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