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EVE – Events Listing WordPress Theme

EVE is a premium WordPress theme for listing events. Theme is completely build upon the WooCommerce so you
you can expect familiar back end user experience and functionality. In EVE we have extended all functionlity
coming from WooCommerce to offer great tool for creating events directory website.

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You can start easily monetizing your business because of depth integration of WooCommerce. It is possible
to charge users for adding new events or you can start selling tickets.


Kernfunktionen von diesem Verzeichnis-Thema soll Benutzern ihrer Beiträge vom front-End post. It is not required to allow access to WordPress back end to post the listings. Plugin has dozens of predefined custom fields. If you want to just reorder, remove or add new field it is not problem at all. Listing Manager is incorporating field builder so you can change all fields without touching the source. Of course plugin has filter for that so if you are experienced developer you can implement you own business logic for front end fields.


Theme supports to favorite the listings. Functionality is bundled right in the core. Users will be able to easily collect their favorite listings.

Report Listings

Allow your users to report listing which is breaking the rules. Admin approval is always required to accept or declinde report query.

Pakete & Preise

Es ist einfach die Pakete für Ihre Benutzer erstellen und starten Geld verdienen Geschäft. Create the packages and then map them on the pricing tables. You can use all payment gateways supported by WooCommerce.

Benutzerdefinierte Filter

Theme has over dozen of prepared filters for searching the content. You don’t have to install third party plugins to have advanced filtering functionality.

Übersetzung bereit

All strings are properly wrapped into translation functions so it is not a problem at all to translate the theme.


  • Fully supported WooCommerce
  • Front-End-Vorlage
  • Paketsystem
  • Anspruch Inserat
  • Unterstützung von Visual Composer
  • Custom filters
  • Inquire form
  • Login, Registrieren, change password, renew password
  • GoogleMaps
  • Event date start support
  • Kontaktinformationen
  • Set listing GPS
  • Statistik
  • Branding information
  • Öffnungszeiten
  • Listing price support
  • Report listing
  • Price formatting
  • Lieblings-Liste
  • Inquire after login support
  • Social connections support
  • Standorte & Amenities support
  • Listing categories and tags
  • Foto-Galerien
  • Tabellen für Preise
  • Übersetzung bereit
  • Write listing reviews


  • Bilder auf unserer Demo-Site sind nicht Teil des Pakets. Download-Paket enthält nur Platzhalter.


Tags: Ereignis, Veranstaltungen, Verzeichnis, Kleinanzeigen, Liste, Ticket, Pakete, Zahlungen, PayPal, Firma, Geschäft, Front-End-Vorlage, woocommerce, Seite-Generator, Karte

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