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Aufgeregt! Referenzen is a premium multi-use WordPress plugin with main purpose of building awesome testimonial showcase on your website. The plugin is packed with flexible testimonial builder, different layouts and absolute freedom on styling. It’s possible to craft almost any design you can imagine. And use cases are not limited just for testimonals showcase. Get excited!

Plugin works great out of the box and very easy to use. You may expect to find all the must features like absolute responsiveness, Visual Composer-integration, shortcode support and special case for widget use.


  • Verschiedene layouts. Classic grid, grid with tooltips, single testimonial with or without slider, Widgets.
  • Absolute Freiheit auf Design-Anpassung: Farben, font settings, Abstände, arrangement of elements etc.
  • Leistungsstarke per drag & drop Admin Generator.
  • Unterstützung von Visual Composer.
  • 5/5 oder 10/10 rating systems.
  • Change star icon with any from icon library or use your own.
  • Einklang.
  • Profile sliding panels with 5 themes and WordPress native visual/html editor.
  • Vordefinierten Stil-presets für jedes layout.
  • Testimonials filtering by your categories (Tags).
  • Rich snippets.
  • Multi-Use-plugin: Referenzen, Team, logos etc.
  • Ausgefallene Hover-Effekte auf Ihrer Wahl.
  • Store testimonials for unlimited use.
  • Soziale Symbole bar.
  • Sortieren nach Datum, order or random.
  • Einfach zu bedienen Kurzwahlnummern.
  • Unlimited testimonials, authors and categories.
  • Gemütlich und intuitive Admin UIX.
  • WPML-Ready.

Consider Excited! as the most beautiful testimonials showcase WordPress plugin with new era admin panel. The last thing is a huge time saver and inspires you to build something new and unique. Spielen Sie mit Einstellungen, Ein-/Schalten Sie aus oder neu zu ordnen Sie, verschiedene Blöcke, Stil und Shortcode auf Ihrer Seite platzieren. Das war 's!

Sliding Panels are perfect way to display additional information about author or brand. It looks fantastic and pretty much customisable. Wählen Sie eine der 5 Themen, place your content and style it.

Zukünftige Features:

  • Submission form.
  • Score summary for testimonial groups.
  • Mehr Design-layouts.
  • More options to display rating.

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