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Extra Content Items is a WordPress plugin for automatically add content to the posts. There is a time-saver for bloggers, webmasters, Entwickler, authors and publishers. You can automatically add any content to any posts on your site whit plugin.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Plugin have a full wysiwyg editor, so you can add any: Text, Links, Überschriften, Iframe, HTML, Kurzwahlnummern, Bilder und Videos, Regler, Karten, Kontakt-Formular, MegaMenu, Social block, Notification bar or any what you want to the end of the page/post or the beginning.

What you can do with Plugin:

  • Create a diferent extra blocks and sort it by category or tag.
  • Set for each of the blocks category/tag of the post to show block.
  • Plugin automatically adding extra content to the end or the beginning of the post/page
  • The plugin is ready to fly.
  • It’s very fast and useful.

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