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Schedule appointments within Gravity Forms. gAppointments is great for any business that depends on an appointment calendar.
Einschließlich: Massage-Therapeuten, Personal-Trainer, Hair Stylists, Berater, etc.. Click here to see all features list


  1. Payed/Non-Payed Booking
  2. Supports any payment gateway
  3. Seite "Aktivität"
  4. Personalised provider work hours, breaks and holidays
  5. Client/Provider shortcodes for frontend management
  6. Assign a registered user as service provider
  7. Custom HTML Emails
  8. E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen
  9. Endless Colors Possibilities
  10. TimeSlot capacity
  11. Reduce gaps in the schedule
  12. Show End Times
  13. Auto confirm appointments
  14. Auto complete appointments
  15. Cancel unpaid appointments after a time interval
  16. Mobile reagieren

Support und Dokumentation

Kontaktieren Sie uns über unser Profilseite Fragen eventuell Sie, full documentation is included with the plugin to help you with your project.


03.01.2018 - Ver 1.0

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