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Schwere Formen im Stil – Bootstrap, is a WordPress plugin that enables the website owner to transform all the forms generated by Gravity Forms, in beautiful Bootstrap style Formulare. Gravity Forms is one of the best form creation WordPress plugin available today, and Twitter Bootstrap is one of the best front-end library for designing websites and web applications. Zusammen, you get one of the best mix that anyone can hope for.


  • Extrem einfach zu bedienen
  • Straightforward and simple installation process
  • Works immediately after activation
  • Funktioniert mit nahezu jedem WordPress-theme
  • It loads and uses Twitter Bootstrap library ONLY for your GF forms, und NONE of your website’s CSS will be altered in any way
  • You can select Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.7 & v4.0.0
  • Sie können override field sizes with a single click (kleine, medium or large)
  • All settings are applied to all your GF forms
  • All standard elements are supported (Eingang, Wählen Sie, Radio, CheckBox, Textarea, Schaltfläche ", Liste, Datum, Anzahl, Name, Adresse, etc.)
  • Built-in latest Bootstrap distribution files

Was Sie bekommen

  • Two versions of Twitter Bootstrap library (v3.3.7 and v4.0.0)
  • Lifetime framework updates on every Twitter Bootstrap release
  • Lifetime plugin updates when it’s needed
  • Geschwindigkeit, using optimised and minified scripts

Who can use it?

Virtually anyone can use Schwere Formen im Stil – Twitter Bootstrap. From accountants, Rechtsanwälte, Zahnärzte, Blogger, Online-shops, Berater, Selbständige und Freiberufler… any website owner can use it and take all the benefits of using Twitter Bootstrap in their GF forms. You can use it with your contact forms, product order forms, review forms survey forms, Anfrageformulare, etc.. Himmel ist die Grenze.


Nach der Aktivierung, the plugin starts transforming all your GF forms, and style them, Bootstrap style. The default settings are Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.7 and medium form elements size. You can change that by navigating to Forms -> Schwere Formen im Stil – Bootstrap menu and select your new settings.

You are free to alter the settings, without ever worrying about breaking website’s CSS. One of the main features of this plugin is that it does its job exclusively on GF forms.


Some of the websites that implemented Gravity Forms in Style – Twitter Bootstrap, are listed below:



Many thanks to the guys from MyPtyLtd Company Registration for giving us the idea for this plugin and letting us testing everything in their real-world environment.

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