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Don’t let hackers know you have a WordPress website.

WordPress security and safety is not something to joke about. If your website gets hacked, you will have to spend countless hours trying to fix things that you might not even understand.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Any kind of WordPress attack will give you a difficult time. Below you will find some solutions for your WordPress website.

Hackers use software to detect the site CMS and the easy way to do this is by checking the code and URLs. The admin URL is the most common path that hackers use to break your WordPress site.

The admin URL is the most common path that hackers use to break your WordPress site.

Mit Hide My WordPress URLs plugin you can hide the fact that you are using WordPress.

In this plugin you will receive:

Features included:

Ninja Mode in Hide My WordPress

We do not physically change the files on your server. We use the WordPress hook functions for this.

If you don’t protect yourself you will end up having a hacked site sooner or later.

Optimiert für Geschwindigkeit:

Hide My WordPress is a speed optimized plugin.

Die average loading time is 0.03s die faster than 90% of the WordPress plugins .

This will help your website rank better in Search Engine.

How to install and setup Hide My WordPress:

How to install Hide My WordPress



  • Compatible with WordPress CDN Enabler
  • Compatible with Top WP Themes
  • Added advanced settings with Late Loading
  • Kompatibel mit WordPress 4.6


  • Send email with the new settings when major changed are made
  • Fixed safe parameter login


  • Fixed admin for Editors
  • Fixed login process using the safe parameter
  • Tested with W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Fastest Cache, Wordfence Security
  • Fixed small bugs for Late init in WP Super Cache


  • Hide images classes wp-image and wp-post

If you need a secure and fast plugin for your WordPress website, this is the one to go for.

How To:

1. Installieren Sie das Plugin Log In as an Admin on your WordPress blog. In the menu displayed on the left, Es gibt eine “Plugins” Registerkarte ". Klicken Sie darauf. Now click “Fügen neuer hinzu”. Dort, you have the buttons: “Suche | Upload | Featured | Beliebte | Neueste”. Klicken Sie auf “Upload”. Upload the hide-my-wordpress.zip file. After the upload it’s finished, click Activate Plugin.

2. Installation des Plugins After you’ve installed the plugin you will be redirected to the Plugin Settings page (Einstellungen > Meine Wp ausblenden) You can now choose between 2 levels of security: Lite and Ninja Once you choose the option, follow the instructions and you’re done

3. CDN Enabler If you have CDN Enabler installed, gehen Sie zu Einstellungen > Meine Wp ausblenden > Advanced and switch to Late loading In CDN Enabler choose the Hide My WordPress paths and not wp-content, wp-includes Click Save and You’re done.

4. Zusätzliche If you have Apache Server on your hosting server, gehen Sie zu Einstellungen > Meine Wp ausblenden > Vulnerability page and install the Injection filter in .htaccess This filter will protect you from SQL Injections and Script Intrusions

Satisfation Guarantee

Genießen Sie!

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