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Jobseek Features

Theme functionality is based on several plugins. Some of them are required (all of them are free), others are recommended and can be paid. Auch, theme includes worth of $70 premium plugins from CodeCanyon.

  • Job board functionality is based on frei WP-Auftragsverwaltung Plugin. Supported addons are listed below:

    • Anwendungenallow candidates to apply to jobs using a form & employers to view and manage the applications from their job dashboard, separat erhältlich.
    • WC, bezahlte Inseratepaid listing functionality powered by WooCommerce, create custom job packages which can be purchased or redeemed during job submission, requires the WooCommerce plugins separat erhältlich.
    • Lebenslauf Manageradds a resume submission form to your site and resume listings, all manageable from WordPress admin, separat erhältlich.
    • Lesezeichenallow logged in candidates and employers to bookmark jobs and resumes along with an added note, separat erhältlich.
    • Job-Alertsallow registered users to save their job searches and create alerts which send new jobs via email daily, weekly or fortnightly, separat erhältlich.
    • Bewerbungs-Deadlineallow job listers to set a closing date via a new field on the job submission form, separat erhältlich.
    • Job-Tagstag jobs with required skills, Interessen & Technologien, show jobs by tag using shortcodes, and add tag filtering to the main jobs shortcode, separat erhältlich.
    • Einfache Paid Listingsadd paid listing functionality. Set a price per listing and take payment via Stripe or PayPal before the listing becomes published, separat erhältlich.
    • Apply with Facebook / LinkedIn / XING, separat erhältlich.
  • Creating content is easy with Visual Composer Seite-Generator, Thema im Lieferumfang.
  • Schieberegler-Revolution, Thema im Lieferumfang.
  • Front-end Membership Modules allows you to easily extend the authentication layer of your WordPress website, Thema im Lieferumfang.
  • CMB2metaboxes and forms with custom fields, frei.
  • Kontakt-Formular 7simple but flexible contact form plugin, frei.
  • Jetpack (sharing module), frei.
  • MailChimp für WordPress Litewidget to add subscribers to your MailChimp lists from your WordPress site, frei.
  • Testimonials by WooThemesshow off what your customers are saying about your business, frei.
  • WooCommerce (need only for WC Paid Listings add-on) – an e-commerce toolkit, frei.

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