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A Flexible And User-Friendly, Simple To Use But Rich In FeaturesMDF Megamenu Gives you Endless Possibilities and intuitive interface. You can start building beautiful megamenus quickly using simple content editor that relays on native WordPress editor, and megamenu is created from WordPress Menu InterfaceBoth Familiar to every WordPress user.

MDF Megamenu is a Responsive WordPress Megamenu that is user oriented, Es kommt mit 2 other menusTop Menu and Side Menu that are integrate with MDF Megamenu as 3 in 1 Pack.

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Use Full Width, Half Width and Third Width Megamenus, Dropdowns and different content types. Edit megamenu and dropdown size visually in few clicks.

MDF Megamenu is very flexible and adapts to your needs easily. You can edit menu bar and menu width, creating many variationsincluding both fixed, and full width menus. Style everything with ease using simple options UI.

Es gibt 20 Megamenu animations available from which you can choose to display one default animation for all megamenus, or select animation for each megamenu separately.

Choose to open megamenus with click or mouse hover, und vieles mehr.


  • Volle Breite, Half Width and Third Width Megamenus
  • Very Simple To Use
  • Custom Menu Elements:
  • 20 Megamenu Animations
  • 20 Side Menu Animations
  • 3 Layouts
  • 9 Skins
  • Statische, Fixed And Sticky Menu Behavior
  • Open Megamenus On Click Or Hover
  • Simple Megamenu System Building
  • Full WIdth And Fixed Width Menu
  • Full WIdth And Fixed Width Menu Bar
  • Create Content Using WYSIWYG WordPress editor
  • Add shortcodes Using WYSIWYG WordPress editor
  • Create Tabs Using WYSIWYG WordPress editor
  • Dynamic Content In Few Clicks
  • Add widgets with few Clicks
  • Add background image to megamenu with few clicks
  • Add Icons In 2 Klicks
  • Choose to display different menu only on selected pages.
  • Flexible Optionen
  • WooCommerc Support
  • Google Fonts With Preview
  • One Click Integration
  • Benutzerdefinierte CSS-Abschnitt
  • Headings Automatically Adapts To Columns, Or Rows
  • One Click Integration
  • Mobile freundlich
  • Integrates directly within the WordPress Menu System
  • Add Background Image To Megamenu With Few Clicks
  • Choose Between 3 Product Cart Icons

screens 01
screens 02

Full Width Menus, Fixed Width Menus, 3 Layous

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