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Mega Search is a Live Ajax Search Plugin for wordpress. It has a unique concept with more than 200 options to match the serch box and result box with your idea. It is a MUST HAVE plugin for every wordpress site.

you can use it in pages, Beiträge, widget or anywhere you want, also you can use it as default search of your theme.


  • Sauberes Design
  • Alle Beiträge/Custom Beiträge/Woocommerce unterstützen
  • Satz / Replace with WordPress Default Search
  • Display 4 Types of layout
    • General Layout
    • Fullscreen-Layout
    • Popup Layout
    • Sticky Layout
  • Abschnitt : You can split Result Box to 4 sections and set Static Content or Dynamic Content For it
  • Mehr als 15+ section pattern for result box
  • Set Manual Data for Each Section
  • Fetch Post/Custom Post for Each Section
  • All Shortcodes are Supported in Manual Data : You can add a shortcode for section content as manual data. wie : Kontakt-Formular 7, Visual Composer Shortcodes and etc.
  • Apply Search in multipe post/Custom post in a time
  • Display Items in 4 types for each section :
    • Grid-Ansicht (Boxed/Outer Description)
    • Listenansicht
    • Grid View in Carousel Mode
    • List View in Carousel Mode
  • Items Settings :
    • 1- Option-Elemente Felder : Sie können Felder einblenden/ausblenden von Elementen. Titel einblenden/ausblenden, Ein Bild, Meta-tag.
    • 1- Custom fields of Product :
      Sale Banner, Top Banner, Price and ‘Add to Cart’ Schaltfläche "
    • 2- Custom fields of Post/Other Custom Posts:
      Autor, Date and Comment.
  • Item Layout : Set custom color and font for Items, Ein Bild, Titel, Meta tags, Excerpt and Background overlay.
  • Add ‘Show More Button’ für jeden Bereich
  • Set ‘Show MorePage for each section separatly
  • Set Title for each Section with typography options
  • Set Background for each Section (Color/Image)
  • Use as Default Value : Es gibt 2 types of actions when you focus on search textbox.
    • 1- The result box appear when textbox focused (Please check this field to activate this type)
    • 2- The result box appear when textbox focused and type some text (You can set number of characters in Search Setting)
  • Minimum Settings :
    Set Minimum Character To Start Search (Default = 3)
  • Search Target Field :
    you can specify search in Title, Inhalt, Excerpt and Custom fields. (Default = title)

    If you want to search in custom fields you should add them in related field.
  • Manual Result :
    Set your manual content. This will be displayed when there is no result for search.
  • Statistik
    Sometime you need to get feedback from your search. Exp : Which one of text searched more !

    Mega Search save “Schlüsselwörter” that has been searched and display them as Grid/pie Chart/Bar Chart/ Line Chart.
  • AutoVervollständigen
    • Autocomplete Source :
      Your suggestion words can be fetch from Post/Custom post title or Statistics.
    • Post-Typ(s) :
      Add your Post/Custom post for autocomplete source.
  • Customization Search Box Layout : Wie : Richtung, Fonts Options, Background Settings, Platzhalter, Breite, Höhe, Grenze, Border-Radius, Icon and etc.
  • Customization Result Box Layout : Wie : Breite, Höhe, Polsterung, Grenze, Box-Shadow, Border-Radius, Backgroudn Settings and etc.
  • Set Background for Result Box (Color/Image)
  • 600+ Google Fonts enthalten
  • 500+ Schriftart Awesome Icons enthalten
  • Horizontal Section(s)
  • Vertical Section(s)
  • 1 Coulmn, 2 Spalten, 3 Spalten und 4 Columns for Result Box
  • HTML, CSS3, JQuery

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