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Fast and simple magazine WordPress theme with a look of an old Newspaper.

Do you like the old paper newspapers? If your answer is ‘Yeahthan you will love this WordPress theme, because it’s look like a good old fashion newspaper.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Easily setup, schnelle, simple and no need plugins, or any theme specific setting.

list of features ohne Codierung:

  • Benutzerdefinierten Hintergrund, and favicon: background color or background image.
  • Bigger or smaller post format on the home and archive pages. Posts with ‘largetag will be displays larger image, und Titel.
  • Individuelles logo, or logo title. If you have a logo image, than you can easily setup, if you havn’t than you can type a custom text logo.
  • Custom menus on the Main menu, and the footer.
  • Fully responsive with a fluid desktop, tablet and mobile view.
  • Übersetzung bereit (enthält .po/.mo Dateien)

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