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Put first your recent posts

NewsTicker allows you to show your recent posts in an animated news ticker. Some cool features like custom color for each category and page restriction are available to you.

Funktioniert mit jedem Thema

NewsTicker works in every themes! It comes with just the right amount of customizable settings to allow you to make the perfect fit.

Anywhere you want

Anywhere is where you can place NewsTicker. There is no specific position to place it: place it where it looks good!

Custom category color

You can customize color of each category with NewsTicker. Organize your news by color and make it easier for the user to recognize his point of interestout of color! Such wow!

Supporting you is supporting my product

I like to interact with community and listen to feedback to improve my products. Zögern Sie nicht, wenn Sie einen Vorschlag haben: Ich kann es möglich machen!

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