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Nitro – the only WordPress eCommerce theme you will need for any WooCommerce projects.

Nitro theme comes with ready to use layouts for different ecommerce industries such as fashion, Elektronik, Möbel, Digital, Sport, jewelry and other. Nitro is the fastest WooCommerce Theme available on ThemeForest marketplace. Checked by GTMetrix & Pingdom.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Nitro Theme Features

  • eCommerce features
    • Produkt-Schnellansicht: display a product detail popup on product category
    • Product Photo Zoom: pick up a zooming style for your product photos on single product page
  • Product Image Hover Effect: pick up a hover effect for your product images on product category
  • Sale Countdown: display a countdown timer for a specific product based on scheduled date
  • Buy Now Button: instantly checkout current product

Customizations Features

  • Unlimited Theme Layouts: easily pick up a layout for your site
  • Product Layout Builder: visual editor that helps you build layout for single product page
  • Page Loader Effects: choose page loader effects for your site
  • Klebrige Menü: display a sticky menu on your site
  • Back-end Customization
    • Header-Generator: a drag-drop editor to build advanced headers
    • Mega Menü: a menu editor that allows you to build advanced menus
  • Live Customizer
    • Allgemeine Einstellungen: general settings for the overall site, einschließlich
      • Website-Identität
      • Typografie
      • Layout-Einstellungen
      • Page Loader Effects
      • Schaltflächeneinstellungen
      • Widget-Stile
      • Pagination Style
      • System
    • Farbschemata: color settings for all sections on live site, including General color settings, Seitentitel, Fußzeile, and Button.
    • Header: customize headers for your site
    • WooCommerce: settings for WooCommerce elements, einschließlich
      • Produktkategorie
      • Produkt-Element
      • Warenkorb-Seite
      • Checkout-Seite
      • Danke-Seite
      • Buy Now Button.
    • Blog: settings for Blog Category and Single Blog Post
    • Seiten: settings for all pages, including Page Title, Seitenlayout, and Page 404
    • Portfolio: settings for Archive Portfolio and Single Portfolio
    • Fußzeile: advanced footer settings
    • Soziale: insert URL links for 15 social networks that you want to display on your site
    • Menüs: live customizer for menu settings. This section is brought to live customer from default back-end WordPress settings.
    • Widgets: add and manage all widgets for footer area
  • Parallax-Effekt
  • Übersetzung-Ready
  • 500+ Schriftart Awesome icons
  • 700+ Google fonts

WordPress Shortcodes

Kurzwahlnummern: include all shortcodes that are built or customized for Nitro theme, with visual settings.

Nitro Elements

All shortcodes that are built for Nitro theme

  • Nitro Custom Heading
  • Social Icons
  • Zähler-Box
  • Nitro Carousel
  • Separatoren
  • Liste
  • GoogleMaps
  • Mauerwerk-Layout
  • Service-Box
  • Blockquote
  • Abo-Formular
  • Schaltfläche "
  • Mitglied
  • Portfolio
  • Banner
  • Soziales Netzwerk
  • Preise
  • Blog-Post
  • Dropcaps

WooCommerce Elements

All WooCommerce shortcodes, einschließlich:

  • Product Package
  • Product Menu
  • Produktkategorie
  • Produkt-Kategorien
  • In den Warenkorb
  • Produkt
  • Produkte
  • Order-Tracking-Formular
  • Attribut "Product"

Mehr features

  • 1-click sample data installation: for main demo and niche demos
  • SEO freundlich
  • Netzhaut-Ready
  • Reagieren

Plugins coming with Nitro theme

Plugins built by by WooRockets Team

  • WR Live Search
  • WR Share For Discounts
  • WR Custom Attributes
  • WR In Stock Alert
  • WR Product Mapper

Third-Party Plugins

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