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Noo Timetable - Responsive WordPress Timetable Plugin

NOO Timetable is a super flexible schedule plugin for WordPress, with fully responsive interface and fascinating UI. It is absolutely suitable for fitness, Yoga, dance classes, medical departments, any kind of event calendars and so on.

NOO Timetable helps you easily create a timetable with custom data just in a few minutes. All classes/events will be shown visually in both weekly and monthly timetable and filtered by category as well. NOO Timetable is packed with tons of marvelous features which make it the ideal choice for your class/event schedule. Up-to-date Flat Styling, Einklang, Super flexibel, Multiple View Options, Event Filters, Event Navigation, iCal file Exporting, Event Pop-ups, 2 Preset post types: Klasse & Event and many more are included in this plugin.

It has clean and elegant layout that could be simply customized. It is also a totally versatile plugin, that can be used by lots of different businesses. Scroll down for more feature details!

Noo Timetable - Responsive WordPress Timetable Plugin

NOO Timetable – Liste aller Funktionen

  • Voll reagieren und mobile freundlich

    NOO Timetable is fully responsive and mobile friendly. It will be displayed perfectly on any mobile device.

  • Up-to-date Flat Styling

    This plugin has modern and flat interface. All colors can manually be customized, both calendar and item’s color.

  • Super flexibel

    Vor allem, classes/events will be displayed in a very flexible way: classes/events with the same date and time will still be shown beautifully on the schedule.

  • Multiple View Options

    All classes/events will be shown visually in both daily, weekly and monthly timetable and filtered by category as well

  • Event Filters

    Unser Plugin ist bereit für Zeitpläne mit eine Menge von Klassen, hence powerful filters are essential. Sie können verschiedene Filter, like Category, Instruktor, Lage, Tag oder Tageszeit.

  • Event Navigation

    With event navigation feature, NOO Timetable makes it more easily to navigate to the next of previous week on the schedule.

  • iCal file Exporting

    NOO Timetable plugin allows user to export schedule to iCalendar file conveniently with no effort.

  • Event Pop-ups
  • Ein Zeitplan sollte nur die wichtige Informationen anzeigen., aber Sie hätte eine Menge andere nützliche Details für Ihre Besucher. Daher, Jede Klasse übernimmt einzelne Texte und Bilder, that can be displayed in a pop-up window. Außerdem, we include in this plugin 16 pop-up styles for your own use.

  • Multi-schedule on page

    It allows multiple schedules on each page. Build your class or event schedules in minutes.

  • 2 Preset post types: Classes and Events

    Classes and Events are 2 preset post types of NOO Timetable. Create classes and events within seconds.

  • Visual Composer kompatibel

    Our plugin is compatible with Visual Composer. In case you already installed Visual Composer, it still supports shortcode creating.

  • Default Shortcode Supported

    The plugin also supports default shortcode. Jedoch, it would still supports shortcode normally if users installed Visual Composer.

  • Unbegrenzte Farben

    You can choose from multiple colors to customize schedule’s color (Kalender, time slots, etc.)

  • RLT Supported

    Noo Timetable supports right to left languages and repositions elements when necessary.

  • Einem Klick Demo

    Importing demo data has never been easier. With just one click, demo data will be imported.

  • Automatische Aktualisierung

    Nicht mehr verschwenden Ihre Zeit, das Thema und Plugins manuell aktualisieren. The plugin can be easily updated automatically with just one click.

  • Comprehensive Document

    We included in plugin package dedicated document file to guide you step by step installing and customizing the plugin. Dort finden Sie auch die ausführliche online-Anleitung auf unserem Supportcenter Hier.

  • Regelmäßige Aktualisierung

    We keep updating the plugin regularly with more addon features and minor bug fixed. Nur einmalige Zahlung, Sie erhalten kostenlos die Update-Lebensdauer.

  • Free premium support

    Neben dedizierten Dokumentation, the senior developers of the plugin will support you. Wir freuen uns, Sie zum Aufbau Ihrer erstaunlichen Website unterstützen.


Alle Unterstützung erfolgt unserer Support-Center. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, alle Fragen rund um unsere Vorlage veröffentlichen dort Ihre Fragen können bereits beantwortet oder möglicherweise Hilfe für andere Menschen, die auch die Vorlage erworben haben.

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