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Reactive Pro is a powerful searching, Filterung & grid plugin for your WordPress website. It has a built in Page builder for the searching, filtering and Grid. User can choose any kind of “Post-Typ” and it will work with it. It grabs whole information about the “Post-Typ” , its Taxonomy, Metadaten – all values and helps to create a dynamic searching and filtering page. It also comes with different design solution for the grid, it creates a open API, so anyone can create a design and push it without touching the plugin. It has grid design selector so admin can choose which design they want to put into the page .Not only react based searching, it provides “AJAX” based searching too, we coded whole searching system twice, one is for small data and one is for big data. Our test shows it will work with ten thousands of “Post-Typen” – that can be any thing, WooCommerce Produkt, Immobilien-Inserate, directory anything. It provides extendable google maps with map marker, info window design overloading option. it supports google marker clusterer, with built ingoogle geocodebased searching, user own location, radius and country based searching. We have added a geobox so user can add their geo data easily into every post type, so it will be more searchable. It has SEO friendly URL and ability to change dynamically with the search event, Search function also works with shareable URL. We have added ISOTOPE based filter too, Category Grid, WordPress sidebar widget showing capability, Data security option from backend and many things. We used bleeding edge technology like npm, Schluck, webpack, react.js, Flexbox, ES6, php composer, less etc.


  • Schnelle & Einfaches Setup
  • Auf der Suche, Filterung & Raster
  • Works with any post type
  • 10 unique grid style chooser
  • 15 reusable search component
  • Drag & drop block builder
  • 5 block layout for base (Raster, Isotope grid, Suche, Karte, Kategorie)
  • Big data rendering
  • Data security
  • Eingebaute lightbox
  • Image lazy loading
  • Support für Google map
  • Multi-lingual
  • Einklang design
  • SEO friendly URl support
  • Data rendering from URL
  • AJAX support
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Bis zu 12 Spalten
  • Addons compatability
  • Themes and grid extendable compatability

Language files included

  • Spanisch
  • Französisch
  • Italienisch
  • Deutsch
  • Russisch
  • Holländisch

Hinweis: Minimum php version required 5.4 und höher.

v1.0.0 – 12 August 16

- Erstveröffentlichung.

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