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Photography and Videography theme built for creatives and agencies

Reacto Photography is a portfolio theme built entirely on Facebook’s React framework ensuring content pre-caching and thus providing a swift response and avoiding any waiting time. With its real-time customization you can watch your content change right before your eyes without having to keep refreshing the page for every detail you personalize.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Reacto Photography is the fastest & and the only front-end customizable WordPress Photography theme on the market, intended to power professional photographersor videographersblogs or sites, coming with complex image and video gallery options.

Right clickand style anything: real time front-end customization

Whenever you wish to change how something works or looks, just right click it. We offer a very simple and customizable front-end user interface, which you can adapt to your needs and tailor to your taste. Watch it change right before your eyes without having to keep refreshing the page for every detail you personalize.

Several layoutsinfinite possibilities

Präsentieren Sie Ihre Fotografie-Arbeit mit unseren immersive Bild und video portfolios.
Each style has its own particular settings so choose the best layout for your case by experimenting with each of them:
Classic header with left-side logo and aside menu
Centered logo with hamburger menu, menu in between, menu above logo or menu below logo
Left-sidebar header
Bottom-positioned header with sticky on scroll
Voller Breite, large or narrow content, zentriert, aligned by left or right side.
Liste, grid or thumb view with too many options, frankly speaking :-)

Focused on performance, yet elegant

We use modern straightforward technologies to ensure content pre-caching. We can anticipate your next move in order to provide a swift response, load the content you need at the blink of an eye and avoid any waiting time.

Reacto options

  • Verschiedene Kopf-: linken Seite logo, linken Seite Header und zentriert logo
  • Multiple Archiv Inserate anzeigen-Typ: Liste, Raster, thumbnails with various options
  • Unique gallery viewer, draggable and swipeable (für Touch-Geräte)
  • Front-end gallery and slideshow composer
  • Several custom posts: Videos, Galerien, Referenzen, services and teams
  • Mehrere Typen der Galerie: schlaue, classic and thumb
  • Bilder und Videos “verzögerte Belastung” to reduce server’s traffic and overloading
  • Passwortgeschützte Beiträge, galleries and videos
  • Dynamische Miniaturansichten erstellen – keine Notwendigkeit, Ihre Miniaturen zu regenerieren
  • Drop-Down-Menü, classic menu nesting or “Hamburger” Stil
  • Responsive design
  • Übersetzbare Thema. Internationalisierung bereit


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From the developers that create the next generation of web experiences, to those who have just clicked oncreate your website”, we provide a graceful and polished solution that rise up to the standards of contemporary online publishing.

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