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Responsive menu and navigation sidebar plugin for WordPress. 50+ customizeable settings. You can choose every color and create your own unique design!

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

See it live here: http://ahogenhaven.com/stuff/sidebar-menu/

– 50+ Customizeable settings
You can literally choose colors on everything!
– Widget-Unterstützung
Custom background image
Center title & Slogan
– Kunden-support
– Lightweight, does not slow down pagespeed
You can add a logo or upload an image
Multi level menu hierarchy
Secondary menu which can be disabled
Addable custom Title & Beschreibung
Flawless animated design
Integrated search function which can be disabled
Addable background image or pattern with a custom height
Customize overlay colors and opacity
The menu button can either always follow the screen when you scroll or stay the same place
– Netzhaut-Unterstützung
Customize what sizes the menu should be shown on
– Aktivierung

Kompatible Browser:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Oper, Chrom, Kante

Upload & Aktivieren Sie das plugin
Go to appearance > Menü & choose a menu for responsive menu
Go to Settings > Responsive Menü & make your settings
Go to customize > Responsive Menü & pick your colors ($10 version feature)
Go to appearance > widgets and pick your widgets ($10 version feature)

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