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Glatt-Menü is more than just a menu plugin. It can be used to create unlimited multi level push menus or content sidebars with Multimediainhalte, multiple style options and Animationseffekte. Every menu level is customizable featuring Hintergrundfarben, Bilder und Videos, Überlagerungen, Muster, Videos, Benutzerdefinierte Schriftarten und vieles mehr.

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Slick Menu - Intro
Slick Menu - Live Customizer
Slick Menu - Fully Responsive
Slick Menu - Multi Level Support
Slick Menu - Video Backgrounds
Slick Menu - Google Fonts
Slick Menu - Smooth Animations
Slick Menu - Content Filters
Slick Menu - Animated Hamburgers
Slick Menu - Icons Library
Slick Menu - Smooth Scroll to anchored elements
Slick Menu - Developer API
Slick Menu - Extensions


  • Einklang – Will adapt to any device size
  • Unlimited styling options. Customize your menus within the customizer with live preview.
  • Multi Level Support (Unlimited Levels)
  • Each level is independently customizable. (Breite, Farben, Schriftarten, Hintergrund-Bilder, Muster, overlays etc…)
  • Hintergrund-Videos (YouTube) – Apply background videos to each level or to the site body. Videos will automatically appear as the level opens.
  • Google Fonts. Choose font family, Größe, Ausrichtung, Zeilenhöhe, Farben und mehr!
  • 3D Animations. Wählen Sie zwischen 14 different menu appearance animation
  • 2 Level animation types (Covering / Überlappung)
  • Über 45 different menu item animations.
  • Content FiltersApply filters such as Blur, Helligkeit, Kontrast, Sepia to your site content whenever a menu is open.
  • Hamburger Triggers fully customizable. Wählen Sie zwischen 14 different Hamburger Trigger animation and customize it’s position, sizing and colors
  • Custom TriggersTrigger menus from another menu or any element on your site.
  • Huge Icon library (Dashicons, Schriftart Awesome, Schwer fassbare, Genericons, Stiftung) + Bildsymbole & SVG
  • Smooth Scroll. – Smooth scrolling to your anchored elements. Great feature for one page websites.
  • Javascript APIAre you a theme developer ? The API gives you full control over your menus. Allows you to programmatically open, close or toggle menus. It will also allow you to add event listeners and perform custom actions whenever a menu or a specific level is open.


  • Soziale Netzwerke – Easily insert your social networks icons.
  • Duplicate MenuAllows you to easily duplicate slick menus with all their settings


V.1.0 – 20.01.2015

  • Erste Version

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