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SS WooCommerce Ajax-Filter (SSWCAF) is a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin created for Ajax Filtering of WooCommerce products. Das Plugin arbeitet nahtlos mit WordPress, WooCommerce und alle anständig codierten Thema. The plugin lets you filter products based on multiple attributes, Preisklasse, publish date, Popularität, Durchschnittliche Bewertung, und so weiter., all in one ajax call. dh. users can choose multiple filters at once and hit the “Gelten” button to get desired result. It works differently in a way that no multiple queries are sent for each attribute or filter parameter.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Check the left sidebar on Live-Demo for filter widgets and their working.

Wie es funktioniert

SSWCAF comes with four built in widgets (Attribute, Preisklasse, sorting order and reset all). Using these widgets you can place as many instances of attributes as needed. Zum Beispiel, consider three widget instances for color, size and brand attribute. Your visitor can choose color, Marke, size and then hit the button to show products which match these three criteria. The benefit is that visitor will not have to run the query three times for each of these attributes.If no results are found, use can uncheck some of those attributes and run the query again.


  • Kompatibel mit WordPress 4.4+ und WooCommerce 2.5+
  • Funktioniert mit allen Standardthemen und anständig kodierten Premium-themes
  • 4 built in widgets (Attribute filters, Price range, Sorting options, Reset all)
  • AJAX product query based on filter entities selected
  • AJAX load more button for product archives and shop page
  • Custom Price range feature for creating unlimited price range sets
  • Reset or Apply all filters at once
  • Per widget show or hide action buttons
  • Attributes query can be set as AND or OR from widget options
  • Material design style preloader spinner
  • Built in option for custom preloader image
  • Localization ready with sample .po and .mo files
  • Filter arguments based on native WooCommerce functioning
  • Funktioniert auf allen modernen Browsern und IE9 , die Geschichte API unterstützen
  • Step by step documentation guide for plugin setup and configuration
  • Optional Session Storage feature (This feature is optional and shall not be considered as one of the advertised features. Session storage is still not supported by some browsers so it may be removed if doesn’t work well).


Jede Unterstützung wird über Kommentaren und e-Mail bereitgestellt.. Für alle Fragen im Zusammenhang mit dem Plugin oder allgemeine Anfrage, feel free to email me from my profile page message box, oder kommentieren Sie den Artikel-Kommentaren. Ich wäre froh, zu reagieren. Vielen Dank für das Plugin-browsing.

Wichtig: The data and images shown in live demo are not included in plugin. Sie sind nur für Demo Zwecke.


jQuery-Bibliothek (wie mit WordPress ausgeliefert)
Material Design-Ikonen

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