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Uber Property

Uber Property is property listing plugin for WordPress. You can pretty much use it to list any type of property, be it a house, Eigentumswohnung, parking lot, Zelt, Auto, Boot – anything that can be sold or rented.

It is due to the fact that the property amenities list is created via plugin options, while amenities get assigned per property posts at will. Create thousandsassign only the ones you need!

Crazy good and simple search is what makes Uber Property stand out! No need for a bunch of confusing checkboxes and drop-downs. The search itself is precise and organic.

Uber Property is flexible enough towithstandany WP theme. Default templates can easily be overwritten within your theme’s folderif required so. Many available content hooks allow further customization for developers.


  • Flexible amenities list
  • Vorgefertigte layouts
  • Flexible templates
  • Leistungsstarke, organic search
  • Property rating
  • GoogleMaps
  • Zusätzliche widgets
  • Content hooks
  • Replaceable templates
  • One License, one price

Uber Property Sale Screen

Versuchen Sie, bevor Sie kaufen – Erstelle deine eigene Demo-Homepage!

Besuchen Sie bitte Uber Property Demo-site.


- Initial Release 1.0

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