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UOU Bulk Import is an addon that enables to import & export your listings for the Globo directory theme* via CSV

This addon has the particularity of also importing the list of your industries in concordance with the hierarchy for example:

Category/Industry 1: Restaurants

sub-category 1: Italienisch
sub-category 2: Indian
sub-category 3: Fast-food

Category/Industry 2: Geschäfte

sub-category 1: Sport
sub-category 2: Kleidung
sub-category 3: Essen

The addon is simple to install and use you can watch the video tutorials here: https://vimeo.com/groups/320667/sort:date/format:detail

For more information the Globo Directory Theme please read the information below:


  • Stripe payment gateway: The theme comes with stripe payment gateway integrated in it.
  • Braintree payment gateway: The theme comes with Braintree payment gateway integrated in it. That will support Paypal and All credit cards .
  • Smart Back end: We prepared Options Panels powered by Redux which helps you to customize every detail possible.
  • Front end dashboard: We made creating listing easy for you. You have a front end dashboard to edit and create companies.
  • Bookmarking: Bookmarking facility for easier navigation.
  • Company Blocks: You can create unlimited company block from front end dashboard. You can reshuffle and do many other amazing things.
  • Google Map-Cluster: The map comes with auto clustering system.
    Classified Support: Globo also support classified support.
  • Advanced Searching: Advanced searching is integrated in the theme. The searching is made faster and built with Angular JS.
  • Abrechnung: Recurring billing is supported.
  • Pläne: You can create unlimited subscription plans.
  • Woocommerce: Woocommerce compatibility ideal for running a shop/store.
  • Google Fonts: 500+ google fonts included.
  • Kurzwahlnummer: Awesome shortcodes are integrated.
  • Benutzerdefinierte Widgets: The theme comes with some useful custom widgets.
  • WPML-Unterstützung: Globo is multiple language ready. You can easily translate all words in your website to any language you like.
  • Lokalisierung: Sie können Ihr Thema in Ihre eigene Sprache mit WordPress Lokalisierung-Infrastruktur übersetzen..
  • Play with colors: Dynamic theme color changer added ( unbegrenzte Farbe )
  • Review approving: This enables you to check usersreview before publishing it.
  • Anspruch Inserat: Enables usersto claim any listing.
  • Category image and icon: You can use either icon or image for any category.

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