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Let the users of your shop create public or private collections. This is an important function that must be implemented in every shop. Sometimes users may browse the shop, just to find something interesting, without the intention to buy something. Imagine that they found some products that would like to buy later. That’s why collections are handy.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Fact: After some time about 40%(tested data) will return back and will purchase some of the products they have collected. This number is here from experience.

Quick demostration video

Why this plugin is the best:

  • Unlimited collections
  • Public and private collections
  • AJAX-powered. Every action is performed using ajax for the best users experience.
  • Easy to manage any collection from front-end.
  • Great design that integrates with any theme
  • Sichern! The security is number one from this list. Every action should pass several tests in order to be accomplished.
  • Settings panel integrated directly in WooCommerce.

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