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  1. Was bedeutet es
    This plugin automatically creates a WordPress user with the role Customer (or other role of your choice) when you’re manually creating an order on WooCommerce®.
  1. Wie es funktioniert
    When creating an order on WooCommerce® on the backoffice and after pressing the Save Order button, this plugin automatically creates a new user of role Customer in WordPress, by using the same fields filled in the order page. On the next order, you’ll have this customer on the clientspending list on the left side, ready to be chosen. If some information is updated after choosing the customer, its profile is then updated when hitting the Save Order button.


  1. Role user – in der Standardeinstellung, this plugin uses the Customer role created (used by default in WooCommerce®), but you can change it to another of your choice.
  2. Vorname – when you create an order, you can search for a client by typing in the first name, you can have the first name to be also composed by last name for achieving better search results
  3. Send Welcome emailyou can have a welcome mail sent to new customers, by configuring the e-mail header, title and body


  1. Automatically manage your customers
  2. Facilitates and expands the workflow of the store manager
  3. Various options for you to fit your needs
  4. Einfach und leicht zu bedienen

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