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Are you Optometrist? or do you sell Eyewear products online on a WooCommerce store ? Or a developer creating a WooCommerce shopping site for selling glasses? if yes, May this plugin is the tool you have been looking for!
TE-Messung “WooCommerce plugin” allows your customers to add their PD measurement to their orders when buying eyewear products..
In the product page, It requires customers to enter their pd measurement before adding to the cart, in case they don’t have it, they can click a link to measure it, Then the plugin ask them to position themselves in the video with a credit card held up to their chin such that
(ermöglicht das Plugin zu Bezugspunkt zu bestimmen, Messungen der Optiker)..
So the optometrist & eyewear seller could verify any placed order buyer’s PD measurements before shipping..

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