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WooCommerce® Product QR Code is a plugin that enables you to add one or multiple QR codes through its own shortcode anywhere you want. You can choose from different image sizes and the content can be anything, from simple text to a code or an URL. Simply go into a product detail, access the general tab and configure the content of the QR code. Als, simple place the [QRCode] shortcut the product description. You can chose the options directly from the product general tab or add the properties ID, SIZE and CONTENT manually, So: [qrcode id=”23” Größe =”200” Inhalt =”This is the content.”], being ID the product ID, size a value in pixels and content its content.

add a QR code through a shortcode
choose from different image sizes or a custom size
add text, codes, URL or any piece of text you want


  1. Version 1.0
    – erste Veröffentlichung

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