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We’ve been using WooCommerce for years on our Store Locator Plus website but despite all the cool improvements we still did not get the data we needed out of the built-in reports. We finally broke down and spent a day coding new reports and modify existing ones to help our sales, Unterstützung, and marketing staff. Hopefully you will find some of our tweaks and additions useful.

Kunde / Extended List Report

A new report that is just like the WooCommerce Customer List but with more “Güte”. What we’ve added:

Export the current table
Sort by order count, money spent, email, or username
Actionable Columns
    Order count - click to view the orders
    Username - click to edit the user
Use screen options to set the page length and hide columns.

Bestellungen / Sales By Product

We’ve tweaked this report to show the top 30 products versus the standard limit of 12 Produkte.

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