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WooCommerce Tax Manager allows you to add taxes into the woocommerce.

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Plugin provides the option to disable all other taxes by just one click from settings page.

Plugin allows you to add the taxes based on price, product and the quantity.

You can choose to apply the tax for specific country.

Woocommerce Tax Manager allows you to add the tax for specific product.

You can also select if the tax is fixed price or in the percentage based on cart price.


  • Add unlimitted taxes for woocommerce orders.
  • Add taxes based on country.
  • Add taxes based on Total Price.
  • Add Taxes for specific product or all of the products.
  • Add taxes for specific product and specific country.
  • Add taxes based on the quantity.
  • Taxes can be added based on the comparison operator for quantity and price ( Like if you want to add the tax if quantity for specific product is greater than, equal to, weniger als … etc.) .
  • Taxes can be added as fixed price and on the percentage.
  • Disable all other taxes those are not managed by Woocommerce Tax Manager – WTM
  • Userfriendly and attractive backend setting’s page.

Installieren Sie das Plugin:

Installing WTM plugin is simple. Sie haben zwei Möglichkeiten :
Per FTP: Unzip the ‘WTM Plugin’ Ordner und laden Sie sie in den wp-Content/Plugins-Ordner.

Über WordPress: Anmelden, um Ihre WordPress-Website navigieren, Plugins > Fügen neuer hinzu > Upload and upload the zipped up ‘WTM Plugin’ Ordner.
Activate WTM Plugin

Nun, da Sie das Plugin installiert haben, Du musst es aktivieren. Fahren Sie mit Plugins > Installierte Plugins und klicken Sie auf "aktivieren’ under the WTM Plugin.

WTM Plugin works with the WooCommerce Plugin so make sure you have activated WooCommerce already.

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