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WooCommerce Variation Price Hints Plugin

Have you ever been frustrated with the way WooCommerce displays prices
of variable products?

Your customers first have to select each and every option of a variation before
any prices are calculated. Even if you have finally selected a variation there
is no way of knowing prices of the different combinations of variation options,
before you have effectively selected each one – jeweils einzeln.

We feel that it is important to let your customers make informed decisions and
give you our new plugin „variation price hints“.


  • Show prices in variation dropdowns
  • Even show „fromprices in dropdowns during selection
  • Works with as many variation dropdowns as you need
  • Fully integrated: Uses standard hooks and therefore is compatible with most
    Themes und plugins (contact us if you find one that does not work)
  • Let’s you set default variations: Either always preselect the first
    variation or always select the cheapest variation
  • Uses ajax to load variation data as to not have an impact on page load
  • Anpassbare: Change the way your variation dropdowns display text and
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