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Einführung : WooDonation WP-Plugin

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WooCommerce Donation is a plugin powered by WooCommerce, which is when integrated with a commercial site allows users to donate money to a charity organization while shopping. This is definitely a productive way for all online shoppers to do charity.

Here is a glimpse of the brand new features of WooCommerce Donation Addon.

It includes the intuitive and easy to manage Donation options like Default category, single and multiple donation options which you can customize as per your requisites. Außerdem, the information provided for each charity is editable, which means it can be changed whenever you want.

Secondly, the Donation option automatically gets added to the cart page once you integrate this plugin in your website. Out of the list of charity options, the user can choose the one s/he wants to donate and set the amount of donation. After donation, the complete information about the donation details can be viewed in the admin area. As soon as the donation is done, a PDF will generate detailing all the donation information. This pdf is sent to the customer via email.

As a website owner, if you want to add this beneficial function on your WordPress site, just follow the simple steps as mentioned in the demo section below. All you have to do is to download and enable this plugin to add donation field on the cart page.

Ultimate Features of WooDonation WP Plugin

  • Powered by Bootstrap 3
  • Fully Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Easy to manage Donation Options(Donation to Default, Single or Multiple Charities).
  • Users can donate to the charities that are available on the cart page.
  • There are options to add new charities, edit or delete them from admin panel.
  • Complete donation detail can viewed easily.
  • A PDF file with donation detail is generated.
  • Send donation payment details in pdf via mail.
  • Support bootstrap Design
  • Fully WPML compatible.
  • Kompatibel mit WordPress 4.0+


Version 1.0.0 – 23 Februar 2016

- Veröffentlicht am ThemeForest

Nächstenliebe – Non-Profit/NGO/Fundraising-HTML-Template

Luft-Dev – Reaktionsschnelle Website Vorlage

Cloe – Reaktionsschnelle E-Mail-Vorlage + Zugriff auf-Generator

Reisen/Hotel E-newsletter + Zugriff auf-Generator

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Online Produkt-Customizer

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