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WordPress Blog zu PDF-Plugin

WordPress Blog to PDF Plugin can generate and export WordPress Blogs/Posts into a PDF Doc. WordPress Blog to PDF Plugin can also export the Blogs/Posts Revisions into the PDF.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf


WordPress Blog to PDF Plugin comes with bunch of the features

  • Export Blog Content into PDF:
    Blog Content will be available and can be accessed in Off-line Mode as it is exported as a PDF Doc.
  • Export from Previous Blog Revisions:
    WordPress Blog Revisions can also be Exported as a PDF Doc.
  • PDF Theme/View Customization:
    PDF’s Color and Font Options can be Customized.
  • Access Control:
    WordPress Admin can set Permissions for Authors/Guests.

Product Video

A full functional demonstration of the product can be experienced even before a purchase :grin:


"initial release v1.0"

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