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Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

WP Builder is the ultimate generator for your WordPress comes with excellent builder tools that generate any Custom Posts, Benutzerdefinierte Taxonomie, Metabox, Custom Metabox. You don’t need to code a single line for these additional fields.

It has Drag&Drop admin builder for CPT and its related data. All are visual. View Admin Demo


  • CPT custom post type
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Erweiterte benutzerdefinierte Felder
  • Term taxonomy meta
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Google map location supported
  • Repeatable fields supported

Add custom post type

wordpress custom post type builder

Add custom taxonomy

wordpress custom taxonomy  builder

Our Plugins

Reaktive Pro – Vorsuche WP, Filter & Raster

Reactive Pro - Advance WP search, filter & grid

RnB – WooCommerce mieten & Buchungs-System

RnB - WooCommerce Rental & Booking System

Gleichermaßen – Jeder Post-Vergleich-WordPress

Alike - Any post comparison WordPress

Our Site Templates

HoustonOnline Hotel Booking Template

Houston - Online Hotel Booking Template | Hotel booking premium templates

Glimpse Multipurpose Directory Template

Turbo - Car Rental HTML Template | Car booking premium templates

Turbo – Car Rental HTML Template

Turbo - Car Rental HTML Template | Car booking premium templates

WordPress Themes und Plugins kostenlos:

  • WordPress-Theme mit metabox
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