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Visually create your sale pages, páginas de aterrizaje, pop-ups, widgets… in WordPress with simple yet powerful drag & constructor de gota.

Why do you need separate builders for pages, pop-ups, widgets while you can get all in one

AIO WP builder is the solution for building interaction elements on your WordPress site. With AIO WP Builder, you can build landing pages, Gracias páginas, squeeze pages, pop-ups, widgets…

Además, AIO WP builder is a plugin, not a template so it doesn’t interfere with your site’s theme


Constructor de página de arrastrar y soltar

Do you love having visual on your final page as you build it? It is possible with AIO WP Builder. It’s truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get builder. No need for a preview button since you can view the final product as you build it.

Fácil de usar

Any one can use AIO WP builder instantly without any coding skill. I kid you not. The interface is well designed so you will feel right at home the first time you open the builder.

One plugin to build them all

WordPress is known for flexibility so it’s easy to install countless plugins on your site. Sin embargo, if you are like me, managing tons of different plugins can wear you down. Why having one plugin for building page, another plugin for popup, other one for widgets…? AIO WP builder bundler them all in one (that’s why we call it AIO)

Build unlimited pages

There is no limit on number of pages you can build. You can build as many pages, pop-ups, widgets you want

Maximum portability with templates

You have just created a great landing page. You want to save it to install on different website? No hay problema, you can export the page into a template and import it on your new site. The new page you have just imported on the new site just work flawlessly as the original.


Your concern is very important to us. Si necesita ayuda, please contact us here on codecanyon or go to Página de contacto to create a support ticket

At any time, you can go to our list of video tutorial aquí

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