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AVX Builder is WordPress optimized for the Construction & Edificio & Architecture Industry. Build a global business website with contemporary responsive design easily.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Hay two niche building concepts that feature masculine, bespoke designs that will appeal to different tastes while meeting the needs of your business website. In the industry your website is often the first impression your make on a new clientvia word of mouth, de marketing, Google search or referral, clients come to your website to see what you are made of.

In today’s fast paced market you need to make a lasting impression and show that you know where you business can take that client. Blow them away with a design that moves with style, highlights your best work and introduces your team and allows people to connect with you on the spot, however they like.

User Experience Focus

It’s this kind of user experience that CodexThemes brings to the table. With years of designing and developing some of the best selling Themes on the marketplace, we’ve created a micro niche design specifically to meet the needs of constructores de, diseñadores, Arquitectos, construction and building businesses.

The final outcomes is a highly finessed design for WordPress that gives you stylized pages, project templates and web elements that will make sense to your business needs and all of this comes together in a package that has a user first focus. This includes subtle but useful features like email subscription integration, Integración de Google Map, formularios de contacto and custom footer and header tools designed to help you grow your business.

Subtle Effects

You want to be showcase your most amazing portfolio of work with the best technologies available today so that your business stands out from the crowd without looking too flashy. We believe that AVX Builder does exactly that with carefully tailored Animaciones CSS compiled with a subtle use of fondos de paralaje to create a professional business website that will blow your competition out of the water.

Creative Features

Compiling our research on industry needs we have composited a website with carefully designed pages and posts that put primer contenido, while creating a library of web elements that won’t overwhelm you, but also won’t leave you searching for that perfect pricing box, testimonial or styled list to help display your content your way.

It’s all neatly packaged in the perfectly familiar WordPress backend that doesn’t require any coding on your part and you can very simply modify most components from the Panel de opciones de tema before you publish any changes. Convenience, energía, estilo… all in one neat package.

Style Personified

Every page has been carefully researched and considered to bring you a handful of useful elements that will make you look professional without all the bloat. Galerías de arte, Páginas de equipo, Portfolios and Projects have all been covered off as well as a fully functioning blogging platform so you can keep it all in one place and focus on the business, not burgeoning website builds.

Mucho más

Of course you have all the normal expectations of a fully functioning website that will be met without a second’s hesitation, diagrams, formularios de contacto, lists and tables, tablas de precios, diseño, customized widget areas, tipografía, shortcodes, integrated social media and endless choices of colour and font palettes from the simple to use Theme Options Panel.

Backed by Top Quality, 5 Star Rated Support from the creators of the best selling WordPress Theme TheGem, AVX Builder is going to blow the roof off, por así decirlo.

Datos rápidos

  • Construido en colaboración con los diseñadores estrella de behance.net
  • Cubiertas principales UX / Tendencias de diseño de la interfaz de usuario de 2017
  • Fuerte foco en la usabilidad & Experiencia de usuario
  • Totalmente responsivo, móvil & retina listo
  • Se puede utilizar como varias páginas & sitio Web disponible
  • Encabezado de múltiples & diseños de pie de página widgetised
  • Barras laterales ilimitados con 20+ widgets personalizados
  • Títulos de página fantasía con increíbles fondos incl.
  • Paralaje & fondos de video
  • Menú integrado mega
  • Rejillas de isótopo mejorada
  • Desplazamiento infinito & cargar más la paginación
  • Desplazamiento suave
  • Animaciones elegantes
  • 2500+ iconos de la fuente (paquete de diseño de materiales, iconos elegantes, fontawesome)

Fácil de usar

  • Ningún conocimiento de codificación necesaria
  • Compositor Visual actualizable (Ninguna licencia adicional necesitada, guardar $34)
  • Página muy fácil de construir por Drag ' drop
  • Pre-built pages for quick start
  • Opciones de página fácil de usar flexible
  • Mayor cartera intuitiva & gestión de la galería
  • Muy detallada documentación en línea
  • Crear sitio web impresionante sin tocar una línea de código


  • Totalmente personalizable
  • Opciones de gran alcance theme
  • Colores ilimitados para diseño & elementos de contenido
  • Fuentes de Google & su propio webfonts con gestor de fuentes
  • Combinable style settings for shortcodes
  • Personalizar estilos contenidos fácilmente en Visual Composer, no hay codificación necesaria
  • Opciones de visibilidad sensible


  • Alto rendimiento, Super rapido con pagespeed superior & calificaciones de YSlow
  • SEO / Motores de búsqueda optimizados, compatible con plugins SEO
  • Optimizado para las traducciones de WPML & sitios web multilingües
  • Optimizado para el formulario de contacto 7
  • RTL listo
  • Niño tema listo
  • Compatible con 20 plugins de wordpress popular superior
  • Compatibilidad total entre navegadores
  • Haga clic una en demo import
  • Redes sociales, compartir social

Valores adicionales

  • Visual Composer ($34)
  • Revolución Slider ($19)
  • Actualizaciones gratuitas
  • Soporte experimentado elite en inglés, Alemán & Ruso
  • More infos on bundled plugins

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