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Hi everyone. I would like to introduce you my new plugin, that can be useful for Amazon affiliate marketers, who would like to earn money via Amazon affiliate sales.

SO what plugin doit allows you to create cool animated Amazon banners in easy dynamic way. Just pick product? que desea utilizar, modify it to look like you want and thats all. It appears in your content.

Interesting? Then lets move forward and start with Installation.

Want to see it live?

You can go to http://banner.voodoopress.net/wp-admin/ and login with tester/tester login/password. You can check all things live. Below I posted manual for users.


Installation is default for any WP plugin. Take archive with plugin wp-azon-banners.zip. In backend click Add New Plugin, upload it and activate. That is all.


Set up is pretty easy. Left side you will find new menuAzon Banners”.

Here you need to enter your Amazon affiliate Tracking ID, access Key and Secret Key that you have from Amazon system.

And last thingJust save settings

Adding banners inside post

Vale, seems nothing complex till now. So how to use main functionality: let’s check how to use it in posts. Let’s create single post. Below editor you will find new meta boxAmazon Banners

Let’s sey you write article about super cool “Lorem Ipsum” thing and want to add few banners inside article. So You need to enter keyword inside search field and click on Search. After this you will see list of items, that Amazon API returns.

For each item you can edit title of item, as it can be pretty big and break banner layout. You can select layour for banners. For now I just call them Layout 1, 2 … etc.. And here you can select color schema for your banner. For now we will have 5 color schemas that you can use.

So lets make some normal title, select layout and color schema. Then lets click on Previewand below block you will see how banner will look like. Dont like? Chnage alyout or color schema and click again on preview till you will get result you will like.

SO have result you want to use ? Then click on “Generar código” and you will see shortcode you will need to use to show banner.

So this code you can use inside your editor to show banners you like.

Vale, seems all basic things done. Let’s check how page will look like.

Looks cool as for me. Only thingin any case it still Ads so if you have AdBlockeryou probably would not see banners :(

De todos modos, ready to go forward?

Adding banners via Visual Composer

We have here another cool functionalityAzon Banners can be used also with Visual Composer or how it is called now – WP panadería Page Builder.

SO nothing complex here also. Let’s make new post with VC editor. Let’s add there new element. In Element picker select Amazon Banners

Click and then select Amazon Banner content

After this you will find block like from in post insertion. SO we can enter keyword to search

After search you will find results. Yo use item click on “Uso” botón

After this script will scroll you to parameters where you also can edit title, select layout and colors.

After picking things you will see preview.

You can add any amount of banners you want. In editor you will see blocks for them

After this we can check what we have at the end

Seems simple enough.

Preguntas más frecuentes

Q: Why I don’t see banners?

A: Probably something goes wrong with plugin or you use AdBlock.

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