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All features of the plugin:

  • Remove jQuery Migrate
  • Remove Querystrings
  • Disable Embeds
  • Remove REST API Links
  • Disable Emojis
  • Remove dns-prefetch
  • Eliminar enlace RSD
  • Remove wlwmanifest Link
  • Quitar Shortlink
  • Remove links to previous, next post
  • Remove .recentcomments styles
  • Automatically set the alt attribute
  • Replace external links in comments on the JavaScript code
  • Replace external links from comment authors on the JavaScript code
  • WordPress does not know how to give the Last Modified header in the server’s responses. You can do this using the settings below.
  • Remove duplicate names in breadcrumbs WP SEO by Yoast
  • Remove the tag image:image from XML site map
  • Remove Yoast SEO comment from <cabeza> sección
  • Remove archives date
  • Remove author archives
  • Remove archives tag
  • Remove attachment pages
  • Remove post pagination
  • Remove meta generator
  • Hide author login
  • Hide errors when logging into the site
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable RSS feeds
  • Remove field “sitio” in comment form
  • Removes links to wordpress.org site from the admin bar
  • Disable revision and limit Post Revisions
  • Disable plugin and theme updates
  • Enable plugin and theme automatic updates
  • Disable core updates or select the update mode
  • Disable automatic translation updates
  • Enable updates for VCS Installations
  • Remove the default widgets (Enlaces, Arhives, Meta, Search..)
  • Remove html comments
  • Desactivar comentarios, remove comments and close comments
  • Enable Sanitization of WordPress
  • Disable admin notice
  • Disable adminbar
  • Remove admin bar WP logo
  • Reemplazar “Hola” text with “Bienvenida”
  • Disable autosave
  • Disable capitalization in WordPress branding
  • Disable WPautop
  • Disable Heartbeat
  • Heartbeat frequency
  • WP Asset Manager
  • Disable JSON-LD sitelinks searchbox for Yoast SEO
  • Disable Yoast Structured Data for Yoast SEO

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