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Experience is a reservation WordPress theme made for multi booking purposes.

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Resumen del tema

With Experience theme you can create a fully reservation website with its Built-in Booking system, but also sell the activities and experiences with the PayPal payment gateway in an availability calendar. Sin embargo, you can also offer free activities, create a Blog with six different layouts, show projects and images through a Portfolio with two different layouts or introduce your experiences with seventeen custom widgets.

As the theme is created following the standards of coding and clean design, it becomes the perfect option to display different activities which requiere a booking system in a smart way, tales como:

  • Autónomos who want to show their works or sell their knowledge through workshops and courses.
  • Hoteles searching for an added value of their services and want to sell activities from the hotel or its surroundings.
  • Museos which want to sell their tickets via online and also book conferences and didactic activities.
  • Institutions which want to book their spaces or rooms for conferences or weddings.
  • Gimnasios which want to book their activities online.
  • People who want to offer one-day courses.
  • People in general who want to share activities or experiences selling or offering them for free.

In Experience theme the bookings are managed through a plugin created exlusively for the theme and through this way it remains fully integrated in the theme. It works through an availability calendar which can be modified by the administator or author, and which is clicked by the clients when they book the activity. Once the activity is booked it will be shown in a booking table in the WordPress dashboard with all the information related to the payment status, the activity and the client.

Características del tema

Experience theme has all the following features:

  • Paypal integration
  • Built-in Booking System
  • Currency changer
  • Availability checker
  • Bloqueo de fecha
  • Lista de traducción
  • Integración de MailChimp
  • Notificaciones por correo electrónico
  • SEO optimizado
  • 2 custom users
  • Opiniones y valoraciones
  • Front-end area for clients
  • Custom content builder with Drag and Drop
  • Shortcodes
  • Albañilería
  • Demo one-click
  • 4 exclusive demos and more coming
  • 3 slideshows
  • 17 exclusive widgets
  • 6 diseños de blog
  • 2 Diseños de cartera
  • Secciones de paralaje
  • 100% responsivo
  • HTML5 y CSS3
  • +800 Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome and Flaticon icons
  • Colores ilimitados

Registro de cambios

== v.1 ==
Initial release.

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