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Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf


* Clean minimal design. A theme that doesn’t look like a theme!

* Modular system with 34 modules integrated. Use any module on any page

* 15 pre-built layouts

* Oscuro & Luz, Serif & Sans-Serif, One Page Or Multipage versions

* Totalmente responsivo, experiencia suave en todas las plataformas

* One Page Scroll version included

* En caja o diseño de ancho completo

* Several gallery options, including Masonry (filtrable), Rejilla, Estudios de caso…

* Galería Slider

* Galería de clientes

* Contact Location Page with Styled Google Maps API integrated

* 21 useful plugins integrated

* Bien documentado

*Excelente & stunning support!

Assets Info

The file uses some open source files, refer to the Help docs – Fuente & Credits for the full list and links to license info.

About the images

The online samples images belongs to their respective owners and are only used for demo purposes.

Las imágenes (Flickr Creative Commons 3.0 Atribución) belongs to the respective Flickr authors. Find the full reference list on the above source and credits link.

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