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Get Subscribers Popup by FWDesign is a plugin for WordPress that enables its users to add a highly customizable but still easy to configure popup window with responsive layout to their WordPress blog or website.
Popup can be configured easily, only with a few clicks using a WYSIWYG-editor, which features anupdate-as-you-changepopup preview window. The popup can be fully customized (window and font colors, texto, imagen). Social buttons like Facebook Like and Share, Twitter Tweet or Google Plus +1, can also be added to the popup with just a click on a checkbox.
The popup supports multiple triggers (chosen during popup configuration), como: en la carga de la página (with or without timeout), on page scroll or on visitor leave intent.
Your own HTML code can also be added to be shown in the plugin. Con esta característica, the possibilities for your popup are virtually endless!
The popup is compatible with all web subscriber management providers like Feedburner, FeedBlitz, SpecificFeeds, FeedPress, MailChimp o Aweber.
Running smooth in every modern browser with support for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android or Windows mobile. FWD Get Subscribes Popup is the best option if you want to get mores subscribers to your website.

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