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GT3 Zoom Gallery para Elementor Page Builder. It’s really powerful photo gallery which makes your online portfolio looks better. It’s very easy to set up and manage. We paid a lot of attention to the plugin optimization and it’s loading speed. Hope to see your awesome photo galleries in our showcase posts.

The plugin comes with the advanced gallery settings:

  • Show Imagesyou can control the images loading option. Por ejemplo, the images can load randomly or one by one etc.
  • Grid Gapthe free space between the items. You can set it in pixels.
  • Start with Zoomed Imagefeel free have the opened image by default on the page, you can enable or disable this option.
  • Zoomed Image Heightset your own height for the zoomed image. The option supports VH and Pixels.
  • Thumbnail Heightchoose the desired height for the gallery thumbnails. En este caso, the width will be resized automatically.
  • Fade Durationthe time frame before the item loads. Por ejemplo, 300 milliseconds.
  • Fade Timeoutthe time frame between the loading items.
  • Position Divideryou can use any symbol to display the divider, por ejemplo, 30 de 100 o 30 / 100 item in the list.
  • Back to Thumbsthe icon button which closes the zoomed image and returns to the gallery.
  • Back to Thumbs Sizeyou can change the size of the icon.
  • Bach to Thumbs Paddingyou can change the padding around the icon.
  • Back to Thumbs Positionyou can align the icon on the left or right side.
  • Elegir el tamaño de la imagenyou can select which image size to use for the thumbs.
  • Choose Opened Image Sizeyou can select which image size to use for the zoomed image. We recommend 1024 o 1920.

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