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Usando the Image / Video Contest Generator for WordPress is the easiest way to run online concursos y giveaways in order to build a bigger audiencia y promote your business.

You probably know how much people love to play contests / Juegos , even if the “concursos” are as simple as generating points towards a prize or membership.

Or simply for fun!

Así, you know why your visitors would be interested in entering a contest on your website.

What are the benefits on having a contest on your website:

  • It’s a new opportunity to promote your business, producto, or service.
  • You can Increase traffic to your website
  • A contest offers you the chance to show off the fun, human, and generous side of your business.
  • You can increase your membership numbers, a user must have an account in order to play a game
  • You can increase social media engagement and shares

Lista completa de características :

  • Create an unlimited number of contests with unlimited number of questions
  • Select a start / end date for each game.
  • Hay 2 tipos de “preguntas” – imagen o vídeo (only youtube available)
  • Each question has a custom number of points.
  • Each contest has a custom maximum number of points per question.
  • También, to make it more difficult, Usted puede Agregar un “desenfoque de” effect on images, and a custom unblur time. Depending on how fast the user figures out what’s the image about, the bigger amount of points he will get.
  • Editable templateCustom texts, colores & fuentes.
  • Once a contest has been created, users can share it on facebook.
  • Admins can check out the popular contests and the popular players as well – en el área de admin
  • Admins can check statistics on each contest and even reset them.
  • Works as a WordPress Plugin
  • Diseño totalmente responsivo (Funciona muy bien en móviles (e.g. IPhone de Apple, Smartphone Android), Tablet (e.g. Apple iPad 2-3, Mini), Navegador de escritorio (Firefox, Cromo, Safari, IE 7+))

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