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Karibu has been built from the ground up by an experienced team of designers and developers who carefully researched the needs of business websites, in particular in construction and real estate industries resulting in a finely tuned theme that is state-of-the-art, quality coding, user friendly and visually stunning.

Whether you’re renting or selling a property, Karibu is the perfect WordPress theme for your real estate needs.

Welcome to Karibu.

Poderoso Panel de administración

With a built-in Admin Panel behind the scenes accessing all the control and power of features in Karibu is simple and familiar. Log-in to your WP backend and you will find a new Navigation Item in the Left Hand panel.

One click and you can start to see just how simple this makes updating your new website. Most elements are quickly accessible and your can preview your changes on the fly. Update your Typography in a few simple clicks, update your Header image and control the way users navigate. Es fácil de usar, powerful and you don’t need to code a thing.

Diferentes Demos – One Click Install

With two carefully constructed complete demos at your fingertips, y más por venir, Karibu continues to grow with new demos being added with new updates, you’re bound to find something you’re going to love.

While we have a solid focus on the real estate and construction industries, Karibus can also be easily modified to meet many different business needs.

Encabezado diferentes diseños

Creative header layouts can be the difference between bland or an amazing user experience. It’s the first place a visitor is going to look, so it needs to be appealing and enable them to operate your website easily.

With Karibu you have flexibility to create a header layout with character and flexibility. Create a stronger brand awareness with your business logo in a sticky header, build a friendlier experience with a full width image, or keep it simple with a well place tagline and your logo.

Post diferentes tipos

With our built-in Post Types you can create stunning layouts to highlight custom content, promote projects or advertise your services to prospective clients. With Karibu’s range of different post types, you’ll be on a fast track to stunning content in a flash.

Paquete Plugins

Taking your web build to the next level using Karibu and the #1 Arrastre & Gota Page Builder – Visual Composer + Revolución deslizante, both bundled with your purchase.

Crear casi cualquier elemento de web que desee con el arrastre & Simplicidad de la gota la #1 Best Selling Page Builder Plugin for WordPress – Visual Composer. It’s intuitive and almost limitless when it comes to creating unique web pages and reusable elements.

Revolución deslizante – como dicen, no es solo un Plugin de Slider, es una nueva forma de ofrecer ideas.

This couldn’t be more true as you create beautiful content in a creative waywhether it’s a Slider, Carrusel, Hero Scene or full page, with this powerhouse plugin Slider Revolution has you covered.

Responsivo, Diseño moderno

Of course Karibu has been carefully created to scale beautifully across all of today’s modern devices leaving you with nothing to do but get creative.

With the responsive framework of Karibu our content is going to look like it was designed for the device it is being viewed on, tabletas, ordenadores portátiles, smartphones…

Lista de traducción

A well structured website will have to cope with multilingual visitors and you will need to be prepared for that.

Características del tema

  • Lista de traducción
  • Documentación en línea
  • Gran atención al cliente
  • Responsive Mortgage Calculator Ready
  • Formulario de contacto 7 Listo
  • Drag’n’drop page builder – Visual Composer
  • Revolución deslizante
  • Importación de la demo de un solo clic

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