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Plugin provide simple and flexible UI for build rules with wide range of events, conditions and actionsso you can easily configure your marketing strategy.

Características principales

  • Possibility to make any reaction logic based on visitor behaviour
  • Scoring and Tagging of site visitors
  • Web Event Tracking of site visitors
  • Site visitors segmentation
  • SMS/Email notifications
  • SMS/Email autoresponder
  • Double opt-in SMS/Email verification
  • SMS/Email newsletters
  • Popups based on visitor behaviour
  • Advertisement banners based on visitor behaviour
  • WooCommerce discounts based on visitor behaviour
  • Award points based on visitor behaviour and use it for WooCommerce discounts
  • Coupon discounts
  • Flexible membership page access
  • Responsive email drag & drop composerwith StampReady email-template format support
  • SMTP-Readycompatible with Postman, WP Mail SMTP, Easy WP SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail, WP Mail Bank
  • Email bounce counting

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